Representative Profile

Junichi Hirawatari

Bone in 1971
J-Styles.Co., Ltd. - Chief Executive Officer
Meiji University Food and Beverage Alumni Association.
Southern Cross Partners Pty Ltd Australia - Japan Branch Chief.

While studying at Meiji University, Junichi worked 3 part-time jobs and saved 2 million yen which enabled him to go and study in Canada. While there, he was deeply motivated by business and promised himself that he would start his own business by the age of 30. A business which can compete with the world.

After graduating from college and working for 3 companies, Junichi at the age of 28, became a representative director of a consulting company that had excessive debt. While working there, he achieved a three-fold increase in sales (per year) over 2 years and eliminated the debt burden.

Then Junichi went on to achieve his goal to start his own business at the age of 30, starting an Izakaya franchise with 36 stores worldwide, with 2.3 billion yen in annual sales. But the company performance rapidly decreased and within 10 years the company and Junichi went bankrupt.

After 3 years of settling debt, Junichi recovered and established his current company, J-Styles.

Junichi currently operates a new business concept associating ‘cafes which connects Japan to the world’ located in Harajuku, Tokyo. The company offers career counselling and employment support for people in Japan and Australia, who have been abroad using the working holiday visa.

The company philosophy is to 'spread the greatness of Japan to the world through Japanese food and service industry'. The motto is ‘Tough times bring opportunity’. Junichi also holds lectures talking about his eventful life experiences.

Past lectures

"Confessions! Why I failed and why I started again"
"The key to revitalizing a shop with poor sales lies in human resources"
"The era of developing local businesses to become global"